Dog repellent that shoots a stream up to 12 feet. Used by USPS for over 30 years.

Immediately and effectively destroys the animal’s initiative to be aggressive. The fog will quickly withdraw without any outcry and in most cases will refrain from future attack against the person who has applied the repellent. Parented clip/cap with handy finger-guide assures one direction spray.

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Matte Finisher

White Lightning product for the new carbon matte finishes. Gloss-free for bicycle frames and components. Removes road and trail grime for streak free matte finish without the gloss or oil film.

White Lightning
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Snow Day!

February 5th, 2020 Wednesday we got snow, sleet, on top of rain.  Closed today, will re-open tomorrow at regular time.

Thanks Johnnie Sprocket Bikes

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Super Sport Plus


Puncture protection

Durable 84 tpi, 3 ply casing with reinforced sidewall

Super-easy carbon tread compound.

A new Continental Tire choice!

Continental tire.
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Ultracycle presta adaptor.

Presta adaptors as well as a valve tool installer or remover. Actually made of metal for long life. Excellent new tool that will come in handy especially for tubeless mountain bikers!

Ultracycle presta adaptors for repairs and inflation.
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End of January and we are surviving the new construction at Tiffany Plaza. If you need help unloading come in and let us know and we will help.

Hopefully of quick resolution..
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Yes, we’re open today.

Today is Monday January 20,2020. We are open regular business hours today.

Come in and check out the Bryton Rider 15 computer. 30 functions including speed,time,distance, altitude, temp, heading,auto pause, smart notifications, and etc. No magnets required and fast accurate GPS pickup. Computers used by world number one team as well as Americas number one team. We handle the complete range of Bryton computers at unbelievable prices.

Johnnie Sprocket bikes…

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