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Ryders Eyewear Hijack SunglassesFor over 25 years, Ryders Eyewear, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been making sunglasses for cyclists with the goal of offering high performance products at an affordable price. The brand\’s offerings have grown over the years, and they now offer a wide range of eyewear, everything from snow goggles to sunglasses. The Hijack is part of Ryder\’s sport collection, and has features such as hydrophilic nose and temple pads to keep them secure even during high motion activities. Our review pair of glasses had a yellow photochromic lens that is designed for usage in very low to bright light. The lens automatically adjust its tint when exposed to UV rays, which alters the amount of transmitted light between 76 and 21 percent. Ryders offers darker tints for riders who spend more time in very bright, direct sunlight, but as much of our riding takes place in the forests or during cloudy weather, the yellow tint was an appropriate choice. Fit: Medium. MSRP: $79.99 USD. http://www.ryderseyewear.comA photochromic lens makes the Hijack sunglasses useable in a wide range of light conditions.Pinkbike\’s Take:bigquotes We found the Hijack sunglasses to be light and comfortable, and they remained in place even on the bumpiest of trails. The adjustable nose piece is a nice touch, making it easy to ensure that the sunglasses remain secure and centered. The photochromic lens worked as advertised, changing tint depending on the light conditions. The transition between tints is smooth enough that we never noticed it happening – the lens would darken in bright sunlight and lighten up in the shade, but it was a subtle enough shift that the look of our surroundings remained consistent. We often ride without sunglasses due to the fact that there is usually a persistent cloud cover that makes it especially dark in the woods, but the yellow tint made us much more likely to grab these without worrying about them making it difficult to see in thickly forested areas. The glasses did fog up on us once, but that was during a period of extended, slow speed climbing in a sleet / rain storm, challenging conditions for any sunglasses. Once we took them off for a second and aired them out they remained fog free for the remainder of the ride. In addition, the Hijack\’s lenses have remained unmarred by major scratches despite multiple muddy rides and a few direct encounters with pointy branches. We couldn\’t ask much more from a pair of sunglasses – the Hijacks have done their job without issue, keeping our eyeballs protected from UV rays, flying mud, and anything else that might be encountered on a mountain bike ride. – Mike Kazimer

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