Rider 100 Review

Quick and easy to use unit.  Simply fasten unit on handlebar or stem and turn it on.  It picks up satellite signal very quickly and when motion is detected asks if you wish to start recording.  Another push of the middle orange button and you can enjoy the ride.  Press the left button once to pause and twice to stop recording and you are done.

Pairing ANT+ sensors is also very easy.  They just need to be ANT+ not Bryton Sport special.  Heart rate and speed and cadence sensors pair to Rider 100.  If you wish to use power meter  then you will need to use Rider 310 model.

Bluetooth pairing is also done quite easily from the software provided for your phone.  Downloading your ride to phone can take a few minutes.  Lots of information recorded during a ride.

Samples from rides this weekend are on the Bryton sport web site (use link in links menu).  Google maps provide the mapping so it is easily accessible by most people.  As always it can be set to public or private on web.  Browse around to see the wealth of information possible with this setup.



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