Seat Bag Contents:

  • extra tube in size of tires you have on bicycle
  • tire levers to remove tire in case of flat
  • patch kit if you have (2)  double flat or 2 tubes
  • CO2 inflation or frame pump
  • folding tool for emergency use
  • small crescent wrench if you have wheels with nuts and not quick release
  • small amount of money and identification

 Sizing bicycles:

Most sizing systems are based on the pro athletes use of a bicycle.  Still there are several that will get you close to a correct fit, but none take into account the individual fit necessary for most people.

A major factor is how you are going to use the bike.  There are many different bike styles and uses today.  A casual rider will want a more upright view of the ride.  Flexibility and age or past injuries can be huge factors in the fit of a bike to a person.

Decide where, distances, and surfaces you are going to ride a bike on and then go to a knowledgeable bicycle shop and get fitted to a bike and the type of riding you are going to do.  It is more enjoyable and fun with a proper fit, but fit is NOT a number game that most places try to make it.  It would definitely be easier if it were a numbers game.



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